Signs You Are the Side Chick

photo credits is rael instagram

Are you wondering whether you could be the main chic or the side chic?

Here Are Some Reasons You Could Be the Side Chick:

  1. He never calls or texts first, and whenever you call, your calls go unanswered, then he will call back later when it’s convenient for him.
  2. You know nothing about his friends or family
  3. You only hang out whenever its convenient for him and whenever you hang out, it’s on secret spots, you don’t go to movies, malls, parks or road trips together.
  4. You do not follow each other on social media, he doesn’t like taking photos with you and he has no photos of you anywhere.
  5. You are saved on his phone under a different name.
  6. You do not know where he lives, and if you do, you only visit when it’s convenient for him.
  7. You don’t have that feeling that he is into you, he is not consistent and sometimes he will go silent for days or even weeks.
  8. He never opens up about what is going on in his life and he never listens to you.
  9. You never make holiday plans together.
  10. You break up before major events ,so that way you won`t be his date to the events.
  11. You know nothing about him, even the basics like his favourite spot and  his hobbies