Seven Ways To Make Money With Little to No Capital in Kenya

  1. Sell on JIJI formerly OLX. Do you have things you do not use at home?  An old laptop, old sofa, old iron box, used clothes, just basically anything you do not need.Start a social media shop.
  2. You can become a sophisticated hawker by selling online. Online shops are easy to start and can be started with absolutely no capital. Just find a wholesale shop where you can take pictures of their products and post them online at a price that you will make profit.  Let’s say a shoe on a wholesale shop is sh2000, you can post it on Instagram at Kes 3500, when a buyer buys the shoe, you give 2000 to the shop and you earn 1500
  3.  Freelancing. Offer your expertise like animation, video editing, logo and design, content writing, academic writing at Upwork, guru, Fiverr, flippa, Swagbucks or any other online platform
  4. Become an uber driver.  You can become an uber driver without having to purchase your own car. As long as you have a driving license and no criminal record, all you need is to sign up at uber website and apply.
  5. Offer services like doing laundry, personal training, babysitting, manicure, hairdressing make up, tutoring or any other service you can offer.
  6. Start a YouTube channel by using your phone to record and edit.
  7. Volunteer. Working for free by volunteering opens you up to experience and exposure. If you have time, do it. If you are good at let`s say graphics design, you can offer your services to social media influencers for free and in return they can give you credit and that way you can get clients.