List of Companies Shipping from China to Kenya


Whether you want to ship in bulk or want to ship few items from china, there is always a company that will cater for your needs.

Shipping from China to Kenya is easy and all you need is to find a suitable company. Also you need to decide whether to ship by sea or air. Most companies shipping from China to Kenya offer both Sea and Air shipping. Some companies take care of customs but some let you do it by yourself.

Here is a list of companies that ship from China to Kenya:

  1. African Salihiya Cargo
  2. Afrisali Cargo
  3. Kentex Cargo
  4. BanSar
  5. Rolling Cargo
  6. Basenton Logistics
  7. Kesom Freight
  8. TNT Express
  9. Nurex Cargo
  10. DHL
  11. FeDex
  12. KQ Cargo
  13. UPS Service
  14. Expres Shipping and Logistics (ESL)
  15. Maersk Company
  16. Kawaison International
  17. Mol Logistics
  18. Less than Container Load (LCL) Shipping Company
  19. SGS Logistics
  20. Aramex Cargo