Esther Arunga Confesses to Falsifying her Statement About Son’s Death

Esther Arunga

Former KTN news anchor Esther Arunga  and advocate of the high court of kenya has surprised a court today after revising a statement she issued earlier over her son’s death. Her son Sinclair succumbed to injuries that were caused by a blunt force such as punching or stamping contrary to a fall story they had given.

Esther Arunga and husband Quincy Timberlake

The incident occurred in June 2014 and Esther was at home and said to have witnessed the incident. The prosecutor on her case Danny Boyle told the court that Esther called the police at 2 am in the morning of June 18 2014. Paramedics were sent to her home and Esther told them that her son had fallen down the stairs which was later confirmed to be a lie by autopsy.

photo courtesy AAP

Quincy, Esther’s husband was admitted in a mental hospital and this made Esther change her statement. She narrated to the police that she had noticed Quincy in the bathroom punching their son on the stomach, claiming there was a devil in his stomach that needed punching in order for it to go away and their son did not survive the punching because of his strong arms.


Mr. Boyle said that Esther had not interfered with the case but had delayed the investigations due to her false statement that led to the delay of investigations and her husbands arrest.

Ester said she had been afraid of being alone and felt bad for her sick husband at the same time.

Esther’s defence barrister Katarina Prskalo said that She knew her husband was mentally unwell and had tried to get him help earlier in 2013 but she couldn’t tell how serious his illness was until she witnessed him killing their son.

Esther’s sentencing will be on Thursday.