Contaminated Food and Water, Air Pollution =Cancer


According to WHO (World Health Organization), foodborne illnesses are usually infectious and toxic in nature. Chemical contamination of food can lead to acute poisoning, or long term diseases such as cancer.

Staple foods like maize and other cereals contain high levels of mycotoxins such as aflatoxin and ochratoxin, produced by mould on the grain. Consuming maize with mould in long term can affect the immune system and development and also causes cancer.

Food safety is something that needs attention in Kenya. Food can be contaminated at any point from production to distribution. We have had incidences of contaminated sugar and water. Sugar with high quantities of lead and mercury were being distributed allover kenya.  Lead is said to be more toxic and experts say that it can cause kidney cancer, brain cancer and lung cancer.

Not all Kenyans get access to clean water. Some Kenyans consume contaminated water on a daily basis.  Contaminated water contain poisonous metals like lead, copper and arsenic. Arsenic is one of the substances usually present in contaminated water. Consuming contaminated water over a long period of time causes serious illnesses including cancer. It is been confirmed Arsenic directly causes bladder cancer.

Air Pollution is a major risk to everyone. Urbanization is the driving force to air pollution. More cars on the road means more emission of poisonous gases by vehicles consuming leaded fuel. Most industries also emit wastes to the air. Breathing contaminated air over a long period of time leads to serious illnesses like asthma and lung cancer.