Zari Defends her Age after Passport Leak

photo courtesy of zari

Zari Hassan`s passport copy has been going around social media the past few days, after being allegedly leaked by Tanzanian political activist and commentator Mange Kimambi. Mange is known to have a never ending beef with Zari and she also allegedly leaked her sex tape.

The age on the passport is not what she claims to be her real age.The passport reveals that she was born on 23/9/1978, which means she will be turning 41 soon. Zari claims that she was born in 1980, which makes her 38.

The socialite claims that she had to add some years back in the day when she was looking for citizenship. However, she did not give details of which country she was seeking citizenship from. Many people labelled her as a cougar when she was dating her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz and she brushed off the claims saying she was not more than 10 years older than Diamond.