Why is Huddah Feuding with arch Nemesis Vera Sidika?

Left Huddah and right Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika and Huddah have never seen eye to eye ever since they both came to the spotlight years back. They have always tried to outshine each other when it comes to who’s richer or who’s better than the other.

Huddah has always been open about their beef, she has attacked Vera several times and asked her followers on Instagram not to compare her with an elephant. She cannot stand people comparing her to Vera. Sometimes back, she even said that Vera Sidika was HIV positive and Vera took to taking an HIV test on video, which turned out negative.

Vera Sidika adressed the issue on Wasafi fm interview and said that she is cool with Huddah and that she has no problems with her. She confessed to have approached her with a business proposal which Huddah turned down. Vera went ahead and said that Huddah is fuelled by drama and that is why she is always looking for drama in a place where there is none.