Vera Talks Mimi Song, Skin Changes and Money Moves

photo courtesy of vera instagram

Vera created controversy again by reversing her skin colour back to black. A day after, she released another single MIMI. After releasing MIMI,she has been on media tour promoting her single and upcoming businesses.

MIMI she says, is a song to show the world that she is not her skin colour, whether light or dark, all that matters is who she is inside, and money doesn’t recognize skin color. She reminds Kenyans that she was already famous before she bleached her skin.  She goes ahead and confirms that what she has is not a tan, so we will be seeing dark Vera for quite a while. She says she had a procedure done to turn her body and uses YouTube famous white woman, Martina Big who turned black by getting melanin injections as an example.

She went ahead and talked about her upcoming hair line that is to be launched soon and confirms that her friends Zari Hassan and Akothee will be in attendance.

Vera promises fans more music and more surprises to come. She also said that she does not see herself as a role model.  About trolls on social media, she says with over five years in showbiz, she has become impervious to cyber bullying.