Unmask a Pathological Liar


A pathological liar is a person who gives false statements or lies intentionally for the purpose of personal gain. Their goal is always self-gratification.

Pathological liars are driven by motives such as feeding their ego or self-esteem, looking for sympathy, justifying feelings of guilt or living in a fantasy world. Some lie out of boredom to mitigate drama. According to psychiatrist William Healy, all pathological liars have a purpose, that is to decorate their own person, to appear interesting and boost their fragile egos. Most lie about something they wish to possess or to be.

Here are the common traits of pathological liars:

1.Their stories are mind blowing.

Their stories are always portrayed extravagant occurrences where they own tremendous wealth,power, fame, boldness and influence. If your first reaction after listening to them is wow, how is that possible? Thorn you could be listening to a pathological liar. They tend to declare their closeness to famous individuals they have never met.

2.They never need a reason to lie

Pathological liars just lie for the sake of it. They do not need a reason or a situation to lie. They are always driven by the need to feel important and to be the center of attention.

3.In their stories they are always the hero or the victim.

Pathological liars are never villains, they always star in their own story. If they are not the hero, they are the victim that need sympathy.
4.Some pathological liars live in fantasy and actually believe their own    lies
When you lie frequently, you start to believe in your own lies. Some pathological liars lie until they cannot even tell whether they are lying. They only think about themselves and have little to no interest in other people’s welfare.

5.Their stories lack consistency

Telling palatial stories all the time is not easy, sometimes their story changes and when you are keen you will notice that the same story changes now and again. They forget some parts or add some parts in the same story, but they always remain the hero or the victim.

6.They do not appreciate anyone doubting their stories

Pathological liars are on the defensive whenever someone tries to question the truth in their story. When confronted, they will defend themselves by lying even more.