Kenyan Women Confessions

photo courtesy of @iam_amberay instagram

Recently Amber Ray, one of Kenyan Controversial socialites turned business woman took to Instagram stories and asked Kenyan women if they have ever cheated on their husbands or boyfriends.

The response was overwhelming and almost 60 percent of the women who responded have once or on several occasions looked for a mpango wa kando. Women are tired of being cheated on, most say that Kenyan men are unreliable so it is wise to have options.

Some women confessed to having both husband and Ben 10 and managing both and never been caught. One said that she loves her husband but the husband does not satisfy her sexually , so she has a man on the side who can satisfy her.

Looks like the tables are turning. Women are tired of being cheated on.

When men think they are playing women, they are playing themselves.