Is Your Spouse Cheating on You?


You are probably wondering whether your spouse is cheating . If you are asking yourself this question, then you already have suspicions that you could be a victim of infidelity or something is going wrong in your relationship.

The signs of a cheating partner are different in every relationship, as every relationship has their own definition of cheating. The best thing is to follow your instincts. If your gut tells you that your partner is cheating, it could be true.

With that, you may want to investigate your suspicions before you get to confront your spouse about their behaviour.

Here are some signs of infidelity you want to look out for:

  • Enhanced appearance your significant other starts dressing up more, pays more attention on how they look, signs up for the gym, starts eating healthy, smell nicer, dress nicer, haircuts often, salon visits become frequent.You notice that your partner puts effort in their appearance, especially when they are leaving the house than when they are with you.
  • Changes in sex There could be either increased or decreased sexual activity. Decreased sexual activity because your significant other is getting sex elsewhere, and increased sexual activity because your spouse is trying to cover or compensate for their cheating behaviour. Also watch out if your partner is introducing new skills. There is a possibility they learnt them from their cheating escapades.
  • Changes in how they handle their devices suddenly phones and computers have passwords. Or if you normally can access them and suddenly you have no access to them because they are supposedly using them some even start taking their phone with them to the bathroom. In cases where there is no password, you realize deleted browser history and deleted text messages.
  • Unpredictable schedule Your significant other starts working late, when they normally don’t, last minute business trips and introduction of excuses like traffic, dead battery, spending time with friends and sometimes they even forget that it is their turn to pick up the kids from school.
  • Friends act weird around you the betrayed partner is always the last to know. Your friends probably know about your significant other’s cheating behaviour and they start acting different like being overly nice or avoiding topics concerning your relationship.
  • Your partner is hostile to you your partner is in denial of reality that he s cheating and tries to justify himself by blaming you for his cheating behaviour. They become judgemental and suggest that you have changed and nothing you do is right. You have a feeling that your partner is pushing you away.
  • Little to no emotional intimacy you feel that your significant other is shutting you out, they are no longer emotionally there and they do not share anything anymore.
  • Unfathomable expenses cheating is expensive. You will notice odd charges on your partners cards, sudden large withdrawals from places they rarely would go and upon confronting them, they give explanations that don’t add up.


Confront your partner when you have insurmountable evidence of their cheating.