Is She a Gold digger?


Are you wondering if you are dating a gold digger? Here are some signs she could be one.

  • She is jobless. Gold diggers usually have no jobs or have jobs that don not pay much money and thus that is the reason they go for people who can give them a quick meal ticket.
  • They have a certain pattern when asking for loans or borrowing money. They ask for money as soon as you are in a relationship with them and they will begin experiencing continuous random emergencies that require your attention and most ask for money in form of loans.
  • She has eyes for designer or expensive items. If she has a certain standard to keep, or has some certain brands she specifically wears and gets sad or complains when gifts are not up to her standards. She wants to look like people on magazines and socialites on Instagram, yet she is jobless or she can’t afford the items. When it comes to eating out, she only wants to dine in expensive restaurants.
  • She is so entitled to the extent that she near says please or thank you. She believed she is deserving f the things that you give her and she wants something better than the previous one all the time. She will get disappointed or angry when you show up with no gifts or you give her something lesser than she thinks she deserves. This will make you feel like you are buying her affection.
  • You find yourself spending too much on her too soon into dating her compared to your previous dates. If you try to make a sum of what you have spent on her since you started dating her, you will be surprised to find that you have spent almost all of what you spent during the entire period of your last relationship.
  • She wants bareback, so she can trap you with a child. Having your child will be a ticket to continuous financial support from you. She also works hard in that department to compensate for where she is lacking.