Ebola Crisis Has Spread to Uganda and South Sudan from Congo Border


Ebola, the deadly hemorrhagic virus has taken away many lives in Congo, and now reports have been revealed that the virus has been spread to Uganda and southern Sudan. Ebola is extremely contagious and can lead to immense internal bleeding from multi organ failure and shock and more than half of people infected die.

Two people in Uganda who had previously travelled to DRC are said to have experienced Ebola symptoms after they arrived back in Uganda and died afterwards. Ugandan government is working on vaccinating its citizens and having response measures in place.

The United Nations, World Health Organisation and South Sudan’s health ministry are drilling medical staff and have gone near the border to screen people.

Ebola has been recurrent in Congo and first case this year, was of a man who died after presenting symptoms of the Ebola hemorrhagic virus. His family members also experienced similar symptoms and died. The Congo Ministry of health and World Health Organisation, investigated the area and discovered six more cases of which four tested positives for Ebola. This steered to the announcement of the outbreak.

More than 2340 cases have been relayed and more than 1500 have been confirmed dead.

The impediment in alert and ensuing response can be attributed to several factors including a collapse of the surveillance system, restrained access makes it difficult to reach the areas where the cases have been reported. These areas have a profound mistrust of foreigners, and therefore hesitant to seek treatment. Some of the locals believe that Ebola does not exist and that it’s a plot by the government to create fear and instability.

Researchers believe that the virus is mutating. Some fresh cases have been found with no evident relationship to previous patients leading some health experts panic that the end of Ebola virus is nowhere close.