Child Sacrifice Still Prevalent In Uganda

    photo: abc by KCM

    Witchcraft has taken a toll to children in Uganda. Before , witch doctors had demanded for animals like goats, chicken and cows in exchange for their services. Now the witch doctors claim that the effect of their work is  ”more powerful”  when you sacrifice a child.

    photo:KAMBOU SIA

    Child sacrifice involves killing children and extracting their blood and body parts for the purposes of witchcraft. People go to the witch doctors for redemption from poverty, diseases, domestic problems, and others are just greedy rich people who want more money. These witch doctors themselves are not rich.

    photo: news au

    Witchcraft is done secretly in Uganda but it is not a secret that it exists due to children dying and others who survive are left with deformities, disabilities and trauma after being robbed off their body parts like ears , legs and hands.

    photo: news au Pictured Mr. Sewakiryanga

    Mr. Sewakiryanga helps the child sacrifice survivors by taking them in and helps them with their recovery. He began doing this after three children died from one family in his village. He says that the boys had been severely butchered with machetes and their blood was drained and their bodies left in a bush. He says there were more and more cases that ensued afterwards and he decided that he had to do something. He left his job as an accountant and began sheltering the children whose parts had been robbed by the merciless witchdoctors. 30 children have been reported missing and the police say they suspect the witchdoctors.

    An Australian charity, Droplets in a Stream , raises funds to help the survivors , who need physical and emotional therapy. The worst cases are flown to Australia for treatment.