Car Falls Off Ferry into the Indian Ocean

    A salon car on Sunday fell off the ferry into the Indian ocean.

    Reports say that the vehicle had four occupants, including a mother and a baby. The driver of the salon car, which was already inside the ferry, is said to have taken a reverse gear before the car fell off the vessel into the waters of the Indian ocean. An eye witness is said to have thrown lifesavers to the woman but the events happened so fast that no one in the vehicle was able to survive.

    A video showing the vehicle floating in the ocean before sinking has emerged online. Reports from eye witnesses say that there had been disagreements between the woman who was the driver of the car, and officials of Kenya Ferry Services (KFS). The woman is said to have used a wrong entry, an entry for users with special passes.

    KFS stated on their Facebook page that the cause of the accident is under investigations. Neither the vehicle nor its occupants have been found. Safety on the ferry is now a big concern for Kenyans as this was not the first time a vehicle fell off the ferry. About two months ago, a lorry that was carrying flour fell into the ocean. Also, there has been a case of a ship that almost collided with a ferry.


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