Is Samantha taking over Relationships?

Samantha the sex doll

With technology getting more and more advanced, life is getting more easier and simpler. The sex department is not left behind.

Women are turning to sex machines for their needs and men are turning to Samantha the sex doll. When the sex doll was announced, most men were intrigued. The sex doll stirred curiosity among men across the continent, not leaving behind Kenyan men.

Samantha the sex doll

The genius behind Samantha the sex doll is Dr. sergi Santos. This sex robot can talk to you and can tell when a man s excited. She comes with different modes; family, life, analysis, sleep and entertainment. Besides the modes, it possesses three sexy settings; romantic, calm and nasty.

The robot has become a solution for many men who are not ready for relationships. An Australian man shocked the world when he showed off his five sex dolls, that he keeps in his house. Each of the dolls have a name. He confessed that he has been intimate with all of them. He baths them, dresses them and each has their own perfume.  He even rides with them in his car. He said that he has his favourite doll on the passenger’s seat most of the time and they have had a photo shoot for family portraits as well.

Asked if he had a mental problem, he said that after his nasty divorce with his ex-wife, he prefers the sex dolls as thy will always be there for him. He also said he has ordered two other ones who will soon be joining the family. His daughter said that he was ashamed of her father at first, but she has learnt to accept him as he his after a long time of counselling.

Samantha was once an expensive doll. Nowadays many sex companies have replicated Dr.Santos idea making the price go down to as low as kes 20,000.

The lady’s sex machine is male version of Samantha. The machine is convenient and they can control it however they want. You can adjust points of pressure, speed, thrusting styles and more depending on one’s needs. It is undeniably convenient to have this much control over your sexual experiences.

According to most people, the sex robots have more advantages. There is less risk of sexually transmitted diseases, no heart aches and no unwanted pregnancies. It is said to make long distance relationships easier and for those who are quite shy in bed, it helps them work on their skills and gain more confidence.

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