Booming Business in Nairobi that Requires Little Capital


Yes, it is a booming business and you need below ten thousand shillings to start. You do not miss a picture or two of mitumba clothing and designer handbags on your feed either on Instagram or Facebook. This is a business that many youths are profiting from at the moment. Many Kenyans crave to wear designer clothing and bags but unfortunately, they cannot afford them.

Gikomba market has enabled many Kenyans to have legit channel bags, Dior bags among many exquisite designer items. Some come in very good conditions with serial numbers. Nobody is really sure about their authenticity but their resemblance to the original thing is unwarranted.

The intstapreneurs go to gikomba market, select items that are still in good condition and sell them on Instagram. The only thing they need to do is buy, iron, take pictures and post them on Instagram. Most of these items are a preference to many Kenyans due to their quality and durability in comparison to the new items sold on local boutiques. Also, they are cheaper. Getting a barely used designer bag for less than fifty dollars is incredible.

As any other business, it requires patience and consistency. If you select nice second hand clothes and shoes in the market, you will definitely get clients who will always come back for more.

Unemployment is a big problem in Kenya and the huge Gikombaa market enables lots of youth to put food on their table. Anybody can start this business as there is always a market for secondhand clothes allover the country. Almost all households   consume second hand clothes in Kenya.