The Dangers of Make Up Mwitu (Counterfeit Cosmetics)



Counterfeit cosmetics is like a norm in Kenya, sold everywhere to innocent consumers, it is a booming business, the sellers have no idea of the health risks it poses to the consumer which in this case all women. A recent research has shown that 88 percent of Kenyan women using cosmetics, use the counterfeit ones (mwitu).

Their alluring cheap prices attract women who are looking to save their coins let’s be honest some Kenyans know everything sold in river road are counterfeits from perfumes, deodorants and make up.

Some women buy them unknowingly because they are identical to the original branded make up. our women need to be educated in the risks they are putting themselves in by buying these counterfeit items.   It is so saddening that cosmetics are never tested before they enter the country.

Here are the reasons you should stop using counterfeit cosmetics (makeup mwitu):

  • Fake make up has been found to contain high concentrations dangerous metals like arsenic, cyanide, mercury, paint-stripper, lead, aluminium, copper, cadmium, beryllium and cadmium. These metals can cause serious effects on the functioning of vital organs such as the nervous system, digestive system, kidneys, lungs, skin and eyes.


  • Research has suggested that fake make up can cause cancer.


  • Fake make, perfumes and deodorants are made in factories with no sanitary conditions.


  • Some counterfeit makes up have been found to contain rat droppings.


  • Some counterfeit perfume has been found to contain urine.


It is advisable to buy your cosmetics from trusted brand outlets or if you can`t afford, save up till you can get to buy an original product.